At The HIGH CLASS COLLECTION, we are committed to delivering you the most precious and exquisite gemstones and diamonds that can evaluate your style. We have been in the business for generations and have mastered the art of crafting the most exquisite designs. Whether you are looking for loose diamonds, gemstones or silver/gold jewellery with such precious stones, you can get it all at our digital store.

We value long-term relations with our clients, hence stress more on craftsmanship, transparency, professionalism and diverse collections.

Our Brand Journey



The tale begins in the picturesque city of Amsterdam in 1995, where the visionary Mr. Dinesh Agrawal laid the foundation, weaving together precious and semi-precious beads from the vibrant landscapes of India.



In the symphony of growth and innovation, 1998 marked a pivotal moment as High Class Collection spread its wings internationally, establishing its maiden office in Amsterdam, while unfurling the grandeur of its namesake brand.



With each passing year, the narrative of High Class Collection unfolded in 2003, the canvas expanded to include the intricate artistry of silver jewelry, showcasing craftsmanship that transcended boundaries.



The year 2009 witnessed a shimmering transformation as diamond beads and the timeless elegance of white diamonds became integral facets of the High Class Collection



In 2014, the horizon glimmered with new hues as High Class Collection embraced the mesmerizing allure of fancy color diamonds, igniting passion and fascination among connoisseurs worldwide.



The golden touch of innovation was unveiled in 2016, as High Class Collection ventured into the realm of gold jewelry, crafting masterpieces that exuded opulence and sophistication.



In a testament to its global footprint, 2019 saw the establishment of another bastion of excellence within the prestigious Antwerp Diamond Club, further solidifying High Class Collection's commitment to unparalleled quality and service.



In 2023, High Class Collection embarked on the journey of diamond manufacturing in India, cementing its position as a trailblazer in the realm of precious gems and diamonds.

The HIGH CLASS COLLECTION started with a vision to make precious stones and diamonds accessible to our clients across the global marketplace.

We have been working on crafting and exporting the most unique & elegant jewellery or gemstone pieces to our prestigious customers throughout the globe. Every jewellery piece offered by The HIGH CLASS COLLECTION is a masterpiece on its own and has a story of its own.

So, when you shop for and wear diamonds or jewellery from The HIGH CLASS COLLECTION, it's not just about the value of the items; it's also about adding a memorable experience to your collection.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship Offering Made-For-You Products

    When you shop at The HIGH CLASS COLLECTION, you can feel the exquisite craftsmanship. Our products are crafted by seasoned craftsmen using advanced tools to achieve the utmost finesse while retaining the natural shine of the stones. Also, our wide collection has a jewellery/ornament piece for everyone as per their preference/choice.

  • Ultimate Selection Process

    Each of the precious stones offered at The HIGH CLASS COLLECTION, whether in raw/loose format or a form of jewellery is selected from a rigorous process. We don't just pick any stone or metal piece. We do all the necessary tests and double-check to make sure it's the real deal and top-notch.

  • Rigorous Testing and Certification

    Not only during selection but also after crafting each stone or jewellery piece, our trained team conducts rigorous testing and gets the products certified as per international standards. Such are done to ensure that you as our client can get a certified and quality product. This dedication guarantees that every purchase you make from us will endure for generations to come.

  • Easy Returns and Refunds

    We are highly confident that our products are packed with unrivalled quality, design, and craftsmanship. Hence, once bought you won’t find any reason to return or replace it. However, we prioritise client satisfaction above all. Therefore, we offer easy returns and refunds in case you change your mind about a different design or stone option.